Tuesday, August 25, 2009


On 1st August 2009, it's jubilation, celebration, laughter and souts of joy. A STEM team has to leave and usher in a new one.

The outgoing team is looking back and thanking God for His faithfulness through that year.
That they never lacked any good thing. That despite the sacrifice, God came through in many ways and yes, It was worth it.
The new team is anxious, maybe unsure of what the bring will make or bring of them, but they are ready for the task.

The uncertainty is experienced by both teams. The old wondering where they will lay their heads for that night and for the days to follow, how they will get back to the 'normal' world, get a job and live kawaida life. Reconnect with friends and family and so on and so on.

The new team wonder how they will raise funds for that one year. Who will they approach and how will they go about it? The students seem to know the former staff, will they ever get to know me?
Those and many more questions have a way of lingering in their minds.

The team from Norway shared their journey as missionaries in Norway. How they had had a successful time in a very different environment. How they had to share the message without preaching in crusades but by going to paries and playing games with the students in Norway. What an experience!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Francis Njihia Kaburu,FOCUS STEM Staff,Coast Region says... I am on Winding up mode, leaving Mombasa on 17th July. the work is coming to close, concentrating on Project and Report. My succesors are two; first time in History of FOCUS. Doris Muthoni, a Bed Arts (Geography & Business Studies)Graduate of Laikipia Campus and Paul Olang'o, a Bsc Maths Graduate from Njoro Campus, both of Egerton University.

Francis is a graduate of University of Nairobi, Parklands campus with a Bachelor of Law degree.

Abigail Luvisia, FOCUS STEM staff of Baraton University says, My exit process is on. I am trying to finish up what I started towards
my goals.I am also informing students esp leaders about my leaving and
visiting those I have been discipling.
My successor is Carol Sadera from Mombasa MTC. She is coming for
orientation on the 3rd weekend of this month.

Amani Martin, FOCUS STEM staff Kikuyu & Kenya Science Campuses of UoN says,
It is great seeing the year come to an end. Kenya Science and Kikuyu campuses are out of session though the third years are due to return this August. This, is for me a time of resting and much thinking of I would restart the whole journey once again.
My successor is Agnes Waceke, a graduate of Moi University, main campus where she was the secretary of the Union. She has a B.A in Early Childhood and Primary Education.
Irene Wacera Kamau, FOCUS STEM staff Parklands Campus, UoN and Kabete Technical Training College says,
Thank God we have found a house for the incoming Campus Staff. I a mtrusting God for a job. I have sent a few applications, no interviews yet but I hope for the very best.
I am planning to carry the stuff for the campus staff next week. God bless you big time.
Sammy Musau, FOCUS STEM staff in Upper Kabete Campus of UoN, AHITI and KTTI says, I am fine in the Lord who gives me strength.
I thank God for such a time as this as we look forward to winding up on our term. The one coming to continue with the work is from Kenyatta University and is called Nelly Sumba. i have already introduced her in UKCCU and KTTICU.
The Lord bless you.
Purity Mutunge, FOCUS STEM Staff in Daystar University says,
I am on an exit mode trying as much as I can to introduce Omuse to the key people he will need to work with and to the students as well. I am also taking time to say good bye. ALex Omuse is a graduate of main Campus university of nairobi and will continue with STEM work in Daystar University.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

STEM Alumni Get Together

9th May 2009 : The STEM family gets together!!! Sharing their STEM story, - that STEM built them, shaped their values... and much more..., remembering the good old days, meeting new people (spouses, kids, spices...).

One of the things that is common with the STEMers is that their STEM experience was a critical time in their lives. A time when they made radical decisions that have shaped who they are and what they do today! How lovely then it is, when the soldiers in the army of God have taken time in the barracks and are equipped for the good fight of faith!!!

As we look at them that have gone before us, we are encouraged that we will make it through this journey of faith and that we will stand the test of time by His grace. Oh! then that we may be found faithful by those who came after us.

STEM 1992/1993
Daniel Muvengi- A great experience!

STEM 1993/1994
Orengo Jonathan- A ministry eye-opener to me
Thomas Gitumbi- A mission changing encounter
Livingstone M- A long lasting experience
Catherine Ngamau-A training and serving opportunity.
Pauline Mwangi-I experienced God
Phyllis Gitumbi - A growth time!

STEM 1994/1995

Christine Mutua-Unforgettable, training ground
Duncan Olumbe- Clarified call into ministry
Peter Oyugi - STEM ignited in me an amazing passion for students ministry.

STEM 1995/1997
David Muturi- STEM was life!

STEM 1997/1998
George Ogalo-My greatest time of formation for life

STEM 2006/2008
Boniface Okumu- An opportunity for self discovery

STEM 2007/2008
Jeremiah Orina- A period of self – discovery
Ezekiel Baraza - When I joined STEM, I thought I had given one year to God. At the end of it, I knew for sure God has given me a year (unique one) instead.
Beryl A. Oduor- A life changing moment
Aswani Paul- Enthusiastic
Lucy Njoroge - A great opportunity and training for life and ministry
Benjamin Mwangi - A changing opportunity in terms of service
Dr. Allan Waihumbu - Wonderful experience
Paul Wafula S.- A moment of self discovery and growth
Elose Mathenge - A great experience for me

Felix Siele (UK) 2007/2008
It was a phenomenal time of growth, service and fellowship. In future, I would recommend STEM to my children!

STEM 1998/1999
Kasaya Bramwell - A transforming experience
Serah Maina - Time to learn and impact even in small ways.

STEM 2005/2006
Loise Maina - Life changing
Davis Muguimi- Great!
Samuel W. Mwangi- An experience in deed
Paul Mburu- A learning experience
Dickson Githinji - A great opportunity to connect with God and community
Grace W. Gitahi -A tangible transformation. It was for me!
Lawrence Ooko- A great opportunity to rediscover that God called me to ministry

STEM 2005/2007Abraham Rugo- An amazing turning point

STEM 2006/2007
Rachel Nduta -Life changing experience
Karanja Kiiru- An eye- opener
Francis Irungu K. -A transforming experience
Joseph Namutala- An eye opener
Susan Maina - A moulding moment & serving opportunity
Maureen Wanja- A turning point in my life
Oyas Gavin - The greatest change moment in my life. I will not trade trade anything for it.
Lenah Chepkorir - The best mission field experience and increase in spiritual growth
Kinyanjui Bernard - A defining moment
Lucy Nduta - A wonderful experience that changed my life and others around me

STEM 2002/2004
Catherine W. Owinyi - A triple transforming experience
Kepha Nyandega- A really great experience.

STEM 2003/2005
Fredrick Ochieng - A turning point for me.

STEM 2004/2005
Humphrey Kirimi- A transforming moment
Patrick Mariru - What I am and what I do has a direct link to STEM
Adisa Asirigwa - Great!

STEM 2000/2001
Kenneth Mutinda -A great exposure to ministry and personal transformation
Joseph Ng’etich -A life transforming where the mission for my life was clarified
Johnson Kithendu - Was a great experience
Shiphrah Kuria - A changing life experience. I thank God I had the opportunity.

STEM 2001/2002
Sam Kariuki- Exposed me to discover my skills and talents.
Anne Kahigu- a wonderful opportunity.
Kinyanjui Kamau -It transformed me TOTALLY

STEM 2001/2003
Francis Kahihu- A great introduction into community service

STEM 2002/2003
Jane Kiragu -Time of self discovery
Miriam Abong’o -Wonderful

STEM 2003/2004
David Maina- Turn – around
Timothy M. Kiambi - A turning point
John Mmbaga- A training ground
Jedidah Syokau- A time for growth and self discovery
Eric O. Abwao- A life transforming experience that really equipped me for works of service Lucas Owako - A challenging experience

STEM 2007/2009
Irene Kamau - The right platform to land after college.
Dorothy Wakio- A favourable opportunity for growth and service too.

STEM 2008/2009
Abishag Joy- Time to learn quiet transformation
Ruth Muthoni - An amazing experience
Charles Munyua - If I were to go back one year and had to pay to go through the STEM experience, then I would gladly do it, STEM has reshaped my mindset, outlook and perspective in life more than any scholl could have done.
Amani B. Martin - A good utilization of resources. STEM is one of the key tools that the Porter has used & is using to mould me
Livingstone Asala - An adventure into who I am. A time to discover my ministry and develop convictions for life. A time to think of what I want to do with my life.
Charity Wanjiku - An unforgettable time for service. A privilege to serve God.
Eric Tito - STEM has been not only giving but also receiving form God and people.
Evelyne Miyawa - A life transforming experience
Abigail Luvisia - A blessing. God privilege for me. God’s given chance to grow
Kalisha Wills - A moment of discovering my gifts & potentials and even my career path
Isaiah Oyugi - A time for self discovery, self development & growth, self implementation
Bernard Kariuki - Moment of growth. A place where I’ve discovered what it is to serve… with love and humilityFrancis Kaburu - It was sweet to serve and also clarify my calling in life
Sammy Musau - It was time to discover and learn more about God and His service.
Michael Ndegwa -A moment to influence from behind
Catherine Mwikali- Has been a great year for me; self discovery, had a lot of capacity development & shared my life with many.Carolyne Masafu - Great!
Purity Mutunge - A great laid plan for reception after campus!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tracing our Roots.

The Short Term Experience in Ministry journey has come far. There is gonna be more to read and rejoice with us.